We Give Care


We teach children to be dressmakers!Our goal is that these children can do the job they like in the future.For us, it’s the best job ever, make a child happy again.


Our children learn to create shoes, and… the pictures can speak better than us

We need more stuff for the children

We want to open new schools, and institutions do we need more stuff for our children and employee, if we can update our stuff, that can be better for everybody, so this is another project for the future thanks for your help.

Hire teachers

We need to hire many teachers for creating new schools, we have 12 000 000 children with disabilities at the Nigeria, out of 181.7 million inhabitants 40.9% are children aged 0-14, the under-5 mortality rate is 69 %! One teacher cost 5€ per day, so we need help With our schools, children can learn so …

Learn to be a barber

We have teachers to learn to children some jobs like barber because we want to make a future for them and teach a profession to them is the better way for that.

A new center of formation

We want to open a new center of formation just side of the school, to be more productive.  With that, we gonna help more people in need!

Providing vocational education in Methodist primary school, Apapa Lagos

General construction boom is coming to NJ over the upcoming two years. It is promising to have the most memorable consequences.

Providing vocational education in Sari Iganmu primary school, Orile Lagos

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Providing vocational education in St John RCM primary school, Ibeju Lekki Lagos

PROVIDING VOCATIONAL EDUCATION IN ST JOHN RCM PRIMARY SCHOOL, IBEJU LEKKI LAGOS As part of our efforts we at Care giver initiative provides care for people living with disabilities especially children. We provide free education and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities engage in awareness creation, pre-vocational training and vocational training to persons with disabilities specially …
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